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Bill Carman

Bill Carman

Bill Carman has won many awards in the field of illustration and is avidly collected as a painter. His work cannot easily be assigned to a specific classification. He works with a lack of restrictions, and this freedom allows him to follow his flights of fancy wherever they take him. There are some constants in his imagery - a kind of visual vocabulary. These might be drawn from memories of specific occurrences, but the subsequent work takes on its own life and the history becomes only a catalyst- becoming applicable directly to something happening in real time or obliquely to a thought already germinating.

Carman employs techniques and processes with refined precision and his level of skill enables him to execute his vision in consummate fashion. This talent comes from years spent honing his craft as a professional artist and graphic designer, illustrator and as a teacher. As to what that vision is…. In contract to the disciplined use of media, the content of the work is an anarchical stream of thoughts and ideas. "My work is meticulous in its execution, but my mind scribbles, jumps, spins and spits," he says. This apparent dichotomy in character turns out to be a perfect synergy furthering a love for creation, and his curiosity in discovering what comes next. There are no limits when a mind that refuses boundaries is armed with the right tools to deal with what ever it imagines. Images fall freely from his head to the pen or brush.

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Bill Carman
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